Unless you are a registered breeder who wants to breed cats for shows, you should always spay/neuter your cat. Not only does spaying/neutering brings health benefits to your beloved furry companion, it eliminates many behavioural problems as well. In short, spaying/neutering your cat is the best decision you can make on behalf of him. Here are 4 reasons why.


Every year, the number of cats being abandoned on the streets increase exponentially. Thousands of cats are thrown out of their homes onto the streets or dumped into shelters once owners get bored of them or are unwilling to care for them. By spaying/neutering your cat, you are preventing unwanted litters that you may struggle to care for them properly or find homes for all the kittens. Breeding your cat should never be seen as a quick way to make extra cash because if you lack the expertise and knowledge to care for the kittens, the medical bills can be very costly very quickly. If you have extra space in your home for an additional cat(s), kindly head to the shelter to look for a cat who is waiting for his forever home instead of breeding your cat.

Credit: Jenn Low's FB Page


Cats do not live in a social system where they pass messages directly to one another, unlike dogs which communicates directly with each other through their barks and body language. Cats communicate mostly through urine marking. Males that are not neutered mark their territory to tell female cats in the vicinity of his availability to breed. Females spray urine to let males know of their presence and lure the males to them. By spaying/neutering your cat, it eliminates urine marking and litter box problems that will make you want to tear your hair out when they urine on the carpet or your favourite piece of furniture.


Spaying/neutering your cat help to prevent many major sicknesses. Spaying your female cat will greatly reduce the chances of mammary gland tumors, pyometra which is a serious uterus infection, ovary tumors, uterus tumors, and any pregnancy or birth complications that may arise from an unwanted litter. Neutering your male cat will eliminate the risk of testicular cancer and reduces the possibility of any accidents that may occur when he strays from your home in his desperate search for a female to mate with.


Cats that are not spayed/neutered tend to display aggressive behaviour, especially the males and females when they are in heat. They get into fights, even with cats that are already spayed/neutered, and they display very aggressive behaviour due to their desire to mate. If your cat strays from home to look for a mate, they may get into fights with the stray cats in your neighbourhood and may contract feline leukemia or AIDs. Spaying/neutering them will reduce the all these risks tremendously.

Spaying/neutering your cat is possibly the best decision you can make on behalf of your cat. Do it and you can greatly increase the lifespan of your cat, giving it a healthier happier life.

Atlas (L) and Hendrick (R) above are from an unwanted litter that have been picked up by kind rescuers. Both of them, together with their mother and litter mates, can be seen in the second picture of this article. Their litter mates have found their homes, except for Atlas and Hendrick. If you have a space in your heart and home for an additional kitten (or maybe even both of them), kindly contact Jenn at 96890460 or PG at 81274108. Thank you

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