One of the common issues faced by potential cat owners is the prospect of having unsightly litter boxes around the house. Even then, many cat owners love their cats but hate the litter boxes. To mitigate this issue, many owners choose to have covered litter boxes as they are better in keeping the nasty business out of sight and keeps the smell in. However, we are firm believers that you should always choose the uncovered litter boxes and here are 3 reasons why.


Covered litter boxes have only one way in and out. Your cat will also not be able to observe his surroundings while in the box. This creates a sense of fear of being ambushed. Especially in multi cat households where there is some tension between the cats, a cat using the box may get attacked as he exits the box. Once your cat associates nasty experiences while using the litter box, he may find somewhere else to do his business. Using an uncovered litter box allows your cat to keep an eye of the surroundings while being in a vulnerable position. This will increase his sense of security and will be able to spot any sign of trouble without being ambushed within a tight space.

Credit: Cat Litter Source


Covered litter boxes are usually small and cramped. Your cat will have very little space, if any, to turn around and to do his business in a relaxed posture. In fact, many cats can be observed to be sticking their head out of the entrance and tucking their tails in while using a covered litter box. Cats love cleanliness, so for them to be unable to keep their tails out of the way while doing their business can be very uncomfortable.

Credit: Catster


In an covered litter box, the smell of the litter gets trapped inside and hardly gets circulated out. The litter will take longer to dry due to the lack of air circulation as well. Your cat has an acute sense of smell and it will be a very unpleasant experience for him to enter the box due to the built up of offensive ordor. This may force your cat to look for a more pleasant place to do his business outside the litter box.

Credit: Adopt A Pet

The covered litter boxes seem to be the choice for cat owners. However, if you were to put the interests of your cat ahead of yours, you will quickly realise that uncovered litter boxes are the most ideal type of litter box for your cat.

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