As cats gain popularity as pets in Singapore quickly, many owners are now keeping different breeds of cats. However, certain breeds stand out and have quickly become very popular breeds kept by owners. Here are 5 popular cat breeds in Singapore (not in order).


The British Short Hair is described as a sturdy, medium to large sized cat with huge expressive eyes. They have a short dense coat and is easily maintained with weekly brushing. They get attached quickly to their humans and are known for their silly antics. These teddy bears come in a huge variety of colors but the most popular color has to be the blue color.


The Maine Coon is the largest domesticated cat breed and displays a high level of intelligence, with some owners even claiming that they have a dog-like intelligence. Highly trainable, majestic looking with a somewhat regal look, it is little wonder that Maine Coon is one of the most popular cat breeds. They follow their owners around and wishes to be part of every single activity in the house. Unlike most cats, the Maine Coon displays a liking towards water. The Maine Coon comes in all sorts of colors.


Ragdolls are named as such due to their tendency to go limp like a ragdoll whenever they are picked up. Ragdolls are large sized cats with a semi long coat. They need to brushed regularly to prevent their fur from matting. Ragdolls love to be around humans and many Ragdolls follow their owners around the house. Ragdolls come in pointed colors or bicolors only and have the most beautiful blue eyes. They play gently and are great with very young children.


Many people adore Bengals because they look like mini leopards. Indeed, these cats are the only breed to display rosettes on their body. Their almost wild look, coupled with the high levels of energy, has made many fall in love with the breed. Their plush short coat make the Bengals easy to groom. To keep a Bengal happy, provide it with lots of toys and play time and its antics will never fail to bring a smile to your face.


Persians, with their luxurious flowy long coats and flat faces, are one of the most popular breeds in the world, not just Singapore. Easily recognisable and always associated with luxury, the sweet personality of the Persian will endear itself to even the most hardened non cat lover. Their large beautiful eyes speak a thousand words and they will take your breath away with their pansy demeanour. The coat needs to be brushed daily to avoid matting and its eyes have to be cleaned daily for tear stains. High maintenance aside, the Persian makes a great cat to own with their sweet personality. They attach themselves to their favourite human in the household and will spend hours cuddling with the chosen one.

Credit: All pictures are taken from Cat Fanciers' Association

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